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Edinburgh Photography’ is home to Tom Foster, a photographer specialising in landscape and cityscape photography of Edinburgh and the rest of Scotland.  He has been sharing images online since 2013 and has had images published in a number of locations, both online and in print. On this website, you can view his photo gallery and read photography articles and tips in order to improve your own photography. In addition, you will also find a secure online shop where you can buy high-quality prints, canvases, photo downloads and more!

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Below are links to a few of the other most popular pages on this website. For instance, there are tips on the top Edinburgh photography locations, popular photos and general photography tips. If you’re looking for anything in particular and can’t find it, please contact me!

A guide I’ve put together of some of my favourite Edinburgh photo locations. Hopefully it will be helpful if you’re looking for ideas or planning a trip!

Some of my most popular landscape photos collected together in a separate gallery. Please take a look!

Are you starting out in photography yourself? If so then here are some simple tips to help with your landscape photography. Hopefully this page will help you avoid some common mistakes people often make when learning!

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Light trails up the West Bow - Spectacular Edinburgh Photography

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